Annnd Scene

An hour ago. I am at a red light, window down, enjoying the weather. Traffic is congested both ways. A truck hauling a trailer in the other direction slows to a stop next to me. I don’t pay attention to what’s in the trailer. I am lost in thought, getting kind of sleepy actually. Then a car backfires, sounding like a gunshot. Immediately the dozen or so horses six feet away from my open window begin to LOSE THEIR FUCKING SHIT.

I am no longer sleepy.

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  1. Here I am, inside a car being driven by one of my brother’s professional drivers, taking me to the 3rd largest city in the world, Sao Paulo, reading your funny story. I can’t help but start laughing out loud. The driver looks at me like I am crazy…. May be i am but that was some funny shit you wrote!

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