The Main Event

I am woefully behind in writing here (again), as I prepare to leave for Florida (again). It’s been an insanely busy but amazing couple of months. The downside of doing fun things is that I am not good at making to time to write about them. And when I have been writing, it’s been to work on a short story (tentatively titled “The Bear and the Cyborg”).

Mostly wanted to post some pictures taken two weekends ago at THE MAIN EVENT, a celebration/fundraiser I attended benefiting the newly-built main branch of the Dayton Metro Library. The library was done up to the nines, even if it is still unfinished inside, but that just it a little more flavor. There were various performances, musical and otherwise, live art, and other entertainment spread across three floors, along with a lot of hors d’oeuvres and booze. So much booze.

DML has a bunch of other photos documenting the festivities here. It was an excellent time spent with some of my favorite people. 5/5, would go again.

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