The World’s Unhappiest Satellite Dish

Last night, while watching the season finale of STRANGER THINGS (so good!), we noticed Kirby was having trouble opening one eye. He was able to partially open it, and looked like he was just repeatedly winking at us, like a lecher with a nervous tic.

We were concerned it might be an eye scratch, which can potentially be serious, as it can lead to a fucking ulcer, and potentially blindness — Jess knew this, by the way, not me, as she is wise and experienced in all things pupper related, and I am, uh, not even remotely — so we got dressed and took Kirby to the critter ER.

Fortunately, it was not an eye scratch, but the beginnings of an eye infection, which is not nearly as bad. Kirby got an antibiotic, eye cream, and puppy painkillers. He also got a cone for his head, which he was… not thrilled about.

Kirby is feeling better today, although he will continue to be the world’s unhappiest satellite dish for another couple of days.

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