Kirby Update

Apparently I was a tad premature last week when I gently poked fun at Kirby and his stylish but affordable headwear. What we thought was an eye infection was in fact the early symptoms of a herniated disc in his neck, which is… well, a bit more serious.

I will spare everyone the full saga, but Kirby began acting weirder over the next couple of days, which saw us spend the day two Wednesdays ago at MedVets in Dayton and Cincinnati, and it all culminated with Kirby having surgery on Thursday. That Thursday was also the day of my move out of my apartment and into Jess’s house. It really gave a nice boost to the ol’ anxiety and stress levels.

It was a long, long week.

The good news is that Kirby is ten days into a four week recovery period, and is feeling much better. He’s down to prednisone once a day, in the mornings, so we’re no longer having to wake up multiple times in the night to take him out. I feel like I am finally able to breathe again. And I am so glad that fucking July is in the rear view mirror.

So the moral of this story is don’t make fun of your dog’s cone head, even if it’s super hilarious, because karma, as the saying goes, is a bitch.

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