Indiana Dunes and the Summer Mini-Vacay

Last weekend we traveled to the Indiana Dunes for an end-of-summer mini-vacation. The goal was to get away for a bit and relax, since the summer had been long and a little taxing. We booked a quiet Airbnb near the beach, we hiked, we went to the beach, we read, and we ate good food. It was exactly what I wanted, and, more importantly, needed.

It’s funny: before planning for this trip, I had never heard of the Dunes. I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life, and not only do I usually forget that there are these large lakes north of me, but also that they have beaches. Pretty beaches, even. I’d like to go back again, in the dead of summer, so that I can properly frolic in the water. It was, uh, a little too cool for frolicking for my taste.

When in Dune country ones sees lots of things that declaim the word “Dune.” It makes sense given it’s a national park, and because some percentage of a population are always passionate about where they live. But this appealed to the scifi nerd in me, because up there it’s all about the Dune. Signs pointing tourists towards various Dune sites. Vanity license plates using “Dune” in some “clever” fashion. Shirts, postcards, and tchotchkes that talk about the Dune life, Dune country, etc. Like a dusty airport (spaceport?) souvenir shop on Arrakis.

I take less photos these days, mostly because Jess takes a lot, and she also has a much better eye for composition than I do. Regardless, here are a few from me.

This area was very pretty to hike in, even if it did give off a Jurassic Park vibe
Welcome to the Bog Kingdom
It’s nice to see 9/11 truther asshats also enjoy our national parks

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