We’re in Cincinnati for the weekend, originally to see a show, celebrate my birthday, and do some other fun stuff.  For one obvious reason, rhyming with “Come on Eileen,” many of these things were canceled.  But, since the Airbnb was already booked, we decided to still venture down and spend the weekend lounging in our adorable little space.

Downtown Cincy is a ghost town.  Only a few places open and fewer people in them.  We were supposed to leave for San Diego next week, but will be postponing that trip til later in the year.  Things right now are certainly surreal.  Makes me think of the old curse, “May you live in interesting times.”  Maybe one day, times will be a little less interesting.

I turned 38 this past week.  Here’s me enjoying a celebratory margarita last night, and not looking a day past 37.


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