Double Poked

I am presently down, but not out, with a migraine that I’ve had most of the day, and that vicodin seems incapable of killing. It’s also made me super nauseated, though that’s largely abated. Right now I’m sprawled on the couch upstairs, in the dark, staring at my almost fully dimmed phone, which is about the limit of what my brain is able to handle. It sucks, but I take some solace in the fact that I rarely get these types of headaches anymore.

Anyhoo. Really just chiming in to say that, as of yesterday, it’s been two weeks since I got the second poke, and that means I am officially fully vaccinated. I know at this point that many people have similarly leveled-up, but I am so incredibly excited to begin the new new normal of post-COVID life, that I just couldn’t help but be a vaxhole about it.

Fun fact: Did you know that historically the correct technical word for feeling queasy wasn’t nauseous, but nauseated? Up until the middle of the 19th century, nauseous meant “to cause nausea” and nauseated meant “to feel nausea.” For example:

The nauseous smell of the rancid garbage made me feel nauseated, and thus I barfed.

Then, in the late 1800s/early 1900s, usage of nauseous to mean “experiencing nausea” became increasingly common (which caused somewhat of a fierce debate within etymological circles as some wordsmiths felt this conflation rendered the meaning of nauseous ambiguous). Now such usage has been largely accepted, except for some pedants, because, well, pedants gonna pedant. Merriam-Webster has an interesting page talking all of this in more detail, if that’s your thing.

Okay, staring at my screen to write this is making me nauseated again, so time to sign off.

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