Happy Gotcha Day, Fozzie!

Yesterday was Fozzie’s Gotcha Day. Jess acquired him 14 years ago. To celebrate, we took him to water treadmill therapy! And I made a tiktok of it, like the yutes do. Fozzie was less than enthused.


Fozzie on the water treadmill again, and not happy about it

♬ original sound – josh bales

In other Fozzie news, he is doing much better, and is mostly back to his old happy, flouncing-around-the-yard self. The water treadmill should hopefully help him with his slight hobble. Pretty impressive for an elder dog of 17 to 19 years.

10 Years ON since Braddock and I AM IMMORTAL

This month marks ten years since I spent a week in Braddock, Pennsylvania, a small industrial burg just outside of Pittsburgh, with the members of the Broken Dayton Machine, a collective of Dayton-based artists. My job was to chronicle the installation of their show I AM IMMORTAL at UnSmoke Systems Artspace. We stayed in a hostel that, in ancient times, had been a convent. It was July and absolutely sweltering. Neither the hostel nor UnSmoke had AC, so during the day we drank PBR to stay hydrated. It was a hot, fun week spent with comrades making art.

The essay I wrote was called “Time is a Predator.”  It was supposed to be published by Broken Dayton in some kind of thing, but that thing fell by the wayside, as things sometimes do.  I’m still pleased with how it turned out.

Here’s the link to the piece if you’re interested in reading it.