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Popping in to drop a quick NOSE update.  On Thursday I had the splints removed from inside my nose, and the sense of relief I felt as the pressure in my face immediately dropped made me feel like I needed a cigarette.  The doctor then used a little nasal vacuum to clean me out, which felt like an extended covid test.  But — I could breathe through both nostrils!

For about thirty minutes.

Then the swelling and inflammation began to fill up the real estate the splints had occupied, and I was back to being barely able to breathe through my nose again.  It’s all to be expected, though, and the good doctor assures it is healing the way it should.  Over the next several weeks my septum will continue to heal and gross stuff will exit my nose like coal falling from a Christmas stocking, and by the end of March I should be almost fully healed.

Such a sexy process.

Here in beautiful southwestern Ohio, it was 75 and sunny on Saturday.  We went out to lunch with my folks at our local Mexican restaurant, sitting on the patio and chatting for a couple of hours.  It was perfect.

My first patio of 2022.  Ready for more.

The only bad thing I have to say about this margarita is that it wasn’t bigger. (Photo by Jess.)

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