I had started to write a whole thing about our sewer line backing up — again — over the weekend, and how I took today off work to clean raw sewage out of my basement, and how, yes, we do rent this house, and yes, one would think that it would be the landlord’s responsibility to deal with it…

But writing that thing was doing nothing but re-annoy me, and I want to be annoyed again.  Aside from this morning’s romp in my (formerly) feculent basement, it’s been a pretty good day.  I read a hundred pages of BLOOD MERIDIAN — a book I am savoring — got in my 104 words for the #100daychallenge, and napped with the boys.  My sister will be over in a bit and we’re grabbing Indian food and watching CAPTAIN RON tonight.

So — not a bad day, overall.  And hopefully I won’t be called on to become the Toxic Avenger again for a good long while.

As good and weird as the original TOXIC AVENGER movie is, the cartoon was so much weirder.

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