Heads Above Water

This was a mostly shit week, the reasons for which are boring and I won’t detail here. I’m just glad it’s over. That said, the week at least ended better than it started. I saw the new DOCTOR STRANGE, spent a fun Saturday in Cincinnati with Jess, and saw my family a couple of times. These are the types of good things that sustain me, that make me feel like I’ll be able to keep my head (mostly) above water, and for which I’m grateful.

I took this photo while in the car wash the other day. It almost looks computer generated to me, but that’s just a neat effect of the combination of the foam and the neon lights this particular car wash employs. Other than some light cropping, the photo is unedited — no filters or any other tuning. I low-key love it.

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    1. Yes, like one of those early CGI screensavers you used to see on computers in the 90s.

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