Outer Banks, 2022

Writing this on Tuesday night, in the Outer Banks.  Tomorrow, we depart our little 1950s bungalow by the beach to spend a couple of days at Virginia Beach.  A storm moved in last night and has been waterboarding the area most of today, but up until now the weather has been gorgeous — hot and sunny, exactly what one wants for a stay at the beach.

Things that I have been up to this past week:

  • Taking the boys to roam the beach in the mornings
  • Spending more time on the beach, in general, than I ever have before
  • Chatting with a guy on the beach who claimed to have worked on the Soyuz missions in the 70s as a Russian translator for the UK government
  • Getting a sunburn on my belly button
  • Showering outdoors, because the indoor shower was the size of a postage stamp, but also because showering outdoors in the 80-degree heat is nice as fuck
  • Eating alllll the delicious seafood
  • Learning that “conch” is pronounced conk
  • Naps in hammocks
  • Reading, including a reread of one of my top five favorite books ever — THE KINGS OF ETERNITY, by Eric Brown
  • Visiting local bookstores, because you can tell a lot about a town by the quality of its bookstores
  • An excursion to the original Duck Donuts, which, when I looked up the location, my phone helpfully autocorrected it to “fuck donuts fuck nc”

But primarily, above all else: relaxing. Where the most taxing thoughts I have each day are “where are we getting dinner?” and “did I put sunscreen on my [random spot on my body]?”

It’s all been rather rejuvenating and is exactly what my brain and body has needed.

Pictures to follow upon my return, but for now, here are two:

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