My home is in a state of unadulterated chaos at the moment.  Stuff is strewn everywhere as we attempt to wrassle the contents of two persons’ households into boxes in anticipation of a move to a new city in [checks notes] six days.  A contractor is stomping around the house, replacing a bunch of ungrounded outlets and making other repairs identified in a home inspection report.  “Oh Sherrie” was blaring from his cell phone, but, hail satan, he turned it off a little while ago.  Jess is upstairs on a call.  And I’m hanging out with a blind dog who is prowling around the dining room and barking, because there is just Too Much Going On.

One day life will be quiet again, and it will feel strange and I probably won’t know what to do with myself.  In the meantime, though… I will do my best to not lose my goddamn mind.

As I alluded earlier, Kirby is currently blind.  Poor guy lost his brother and his vision on the same day.  That evening Kirby was suddenly unsure of his surroundings, running into things, etc.  By the next day, he wasn’t even reacting to light.  Jess shared a little more background on social the other day:

Kirby’s (third round of) uveitis took a turn we’ve always hoped to avoid. His inflammation worsened to partial retinal detachment in both eyes and severely decreased vision. Over the last week, the pressure in both eyes started increasing as well and he’s now completely blind. Unfortunately, his eyes are too foggy to see his retinas without an ultrasound so we don’t know how things look at the moment, but we’re hopeful a concoction of eyedrops and oral steroids will reduce inflammation, keep him from developing secondary glaucoma, and help restore his vision (whether this is possible is yet to be seen and a test of our patience).

Kirby had a follow-up appointment yesterday.  The inflammation is significantly down, but they still can’t see his retinas.  The vet said there is still some hope the retinas will reattach once the inflammation is gone.  Until then, we are trying to help him navigate this sudden change, which means, ideally, keeping him in familiar surroundings.

So of course it’s the perfect time to move, right?

Which we are doing, next week.  In short, Jess was offered a really good job in Columbus, one that warrants a move.  I already work from home full-time, so where I live doesn’t impact my job.  We found a house to rent in a cute neighborhood that’s within walking distance of the Short North, so we won’t be lacking in places to eat and drink. And for the first time in pretty much forever, almost all of our human and dog medical providers will be in the same city.

I’m sad to be leaving the city I’ve lived in all my life, of course, but excited for new adventures.

More later.  Now it’s time to resume attacking the empty boxes upstairs that are just screaming to be filled with stuff.

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