Columbus, Week One

And like that, we finally have wi-fi at the new house.

Being without wi-fi for an extended period is weird (and yes, first world problems, etc. — I know).  You can still access the internet and your apps and whatnot using data, but you can’t easily do things like stream tv.  We watched THE BIG SLEEP the other night and had to actually use a Blu-ray disc in a Blu-ray player.  Like it was 2010 and Kesha ruled the airwaves.  Madness.

Also, when you work from home, like I do, and don’t have wi-fi, it’s really hard to do your job.  So since Wednesday, I’ve been working at a pretty cool place called Versa.  I give them $25 a day and in return I get a nice workspace, fast wi-fi, and so many delicious snacks.  Petty sure I ate at least $25 worth of food and drink every day.  A good deal all around.

We survived the move, obviously, and are beginning to get settled in.  I’ve been a resident of Columbus for a little over a week now, and so far… it’s pretty nice.  Our house (which I’ve dubbed the Sage House) is really cool and our little neighborhood is adorable.  I’ve missed having so many cool restaurants and things to do within walking distance.  Three or four neighbors have stopped by to introduce themselves.  (Since I am horrible at remembering names and people, we’re putting them in a Keep along with any other pertinent information we’ve extracted.)  Most of our neighbors have dogs and none seem like assholes, so I’d say we’re off to a roaring good start.

Here are a few photos from our first week as Columbians.  Columbussers?  Columboners?  Columboners.

Gabrielle Solange performing at Goodale Park.
He might be blind, but Kirby still enjoys practicing to be a garden gnome.

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