Okay, I Guess It’s November Now?

I know Halloween is over, but I forgot I took this photo of a jack-o’-lantern at Pumpkins Aglow at the Franklin Conservatory’s, and I love how it came out, sooo:

I haven’t been watching much tv recently, but we did just finish a show that I absolutely fell in love with over the course of six short episodes: THE RESORT, on Peacock.

I am not going to even try to explain the plot, but after the first episode you think it’s going one direction, and then it veers off into a wholly different direction, then another direction, and then etc etc.  A definite genre-bender, and an utterly sublime watch.

Here’s the trailer:

I am a going to a fancy event this evening for Jess’s work, one that requires me to wear a tuxedo.  Stay tuned for photos of a slightly puffy looking, Great Value brand James Bond.

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