Daybook 04mar24

Back home. We traveled all day yesterday, getting in late last night. It was a smooth drive: no calamities or misfortunes otherwise befell us.

I took today off work to catch up on things and generally try to get my life in order, which includes humbly paying for the sins of last week. So: visiting the dentist and spectacle shop to get my sleep apnea mouth appliance and glasses repaired, respectively, and acquiring healthful groceries in a valiant effort to counteract my recent shitty diet.

The Drexel is doing a Sophia Coppola retrospective this month.  Tonight, they’re showing LOST IN TRANSLATION. I may try to catch it, assuming I can summon the energy to leave the house again. (Cannot predict now.) SOMEWHERE, THE VIRGIN SUICIDES, and MARIE ANTOINETTE are the other films slated to play. I haven’t any of them on the silver screen; it’d be fun to change that.

WATCHING: Finished season 2 of FARGO. This show is so good.
LISTENING: Marina and the Diamonds’s 2010 album, THE FAMILY JEWELS. “I Am Not a Robot” remains one of my favorite songs. Go on, now — listen to it.

FORECAST: Traveling to Dayton tomorrow to get infused.

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